Arogya Bhagya

- Health

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This is a scheme conducted for the entire well being of the slums and undertaken for all inhabitants irrespective of age, sex, caste and creed. The programs conducted under this scheme are:

  • Free/ subsidized health camps which include eye, dental, childcare, gynecology, general hygiene and general surgery
  • Conducting free dispensaries in slums
  • Pranayama and yoga activities
  • Free eye surgeries and spectacle distribution to the needy
  • 53 Eye camps have been conducted and benefited 10525 people in last 10 years
  • 832 free cataract surgeries conducted and 2016 spectacles have been provided free of cost
  • 24100 people provided with free preventive medication for Chikungunya & dengue
  • 10 Women’s health awareness camps conducted and has benefitted 634 women
  • 10 surgical camps conducted and 2030 free surgeries conducted for various ailments
  • 54 camps for children have been held where free health checkup facilities have been provided to around 11,036 children primarily for malnutrition, skin diseases and ENT
  • 6912 children have been provided free medication
  • 28 Dental camps have been conducted benefiting 4800 people
  • 5 workshops on home-made medicine have been conducted – 446 people participated
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